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April 19, 1865 funeral procession
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RE: April 19, 1865 funeral procession
(12-08-2014 03:05 PM)RJNorton Wrote:  
(12-08-2014 02:32 PM)L Verge Wrote:  Now, any taker's on what the name of the locomotive was that pulled out of D.C. with the Lincoln funeral car? Hint: Think of an American city.

According to "The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln The Funeral Train Excerpts from newspapers and other sources" (From the files of the Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection) there is some debate on this:

The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad over whose lines the
funeral train first moved has claimed that its famous
engine "Number 23" later called the "William Mason,"
headed the funeral train from Washington to Baltimore.
This engine is the same one which brought Lincoln into
Washington from Baltimore in 1861 and also was used
for part of the Gettysburg trip in 1863. A contemporary
news item states, however, that engine "Number 238"
drew the train and that it was a new locomotive made
at the Mount Clare works. Thomas Beckett was the engi-
neer. "Number 239," the pilot locomotive, was draped in
mourning and William Galloway was the engineer.

My memory is that the Old Nashville was the one used on the Cleveland to Columbus portion of the route.

Please note:

in which Allen Brougham says that he was the bugle boy in a NBC documentary in February 1956. Included in the documentary - shown nationwide - was B&O's No. 25, the William Mason, pulling a train of three cars in a sequence reenacting the 1865 funeral train as it arrived in Baltimore from Washington for one of many stops en route to Springfield, Illinois. Maybe this documentary declares the confusion about which engine was used in 1865. Locomotive William Mason was borrowed for the event from the B&O Railroad Museum.

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