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April 19, 1865 funeral procession
12-10-2014, 06:13 AM
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RE: April 19, 1865 funeral procession
Thanks Roger and Scott.

I am not in the possession of Trostel’s book. Because a well investigated list of all trains used already exists in his book, it makes little sense to compile a new one. However I came quite far (found different railroad companies, names of locomotives and pilot locomotives, names of engineers, firemen, conductors, the – often changing – order of the 8 to 10 cars), but what I compiled is certainly incomplete and not researched in an exhaustive way. More a “beginning”. If someone is interested in what I found, please let me know and I am glad to post my list. What I learned was that all locomotives were 4-4-0 locomotives. I wondered what that designation meant and found that it is a classification notation for steam locomotives, meaning that the loc has 4 leading wheels, 4 powered / driving wheels and 0 trailing wheels.
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