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April 19, 1865 funeral procession
12-07-2014, 04:35 PM
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RE: April 19, 1865 funeral procession
(12-07-2014 04:21 PM)loetar44 Wrote:  I've another question re. this photo:

I've seen different captions. Is this a photo of people waiting in line at the Capitol on April 20, 1865 to view Lincoln? Or is this a photo of people watching the Grand Review of the Armies on May 23, 1865?

Thanks again!

I have never seen this photo before and it is a great question. My initial reaction would be that it was of people waiting on April 20th. The flag that is seen in the picture is at half mast. Though I can't say for sure, I don't think the flag would still be at half staff as late as May 23 (unless for someone else other than Lincoln). The typical protocol, as far as I am aware, is to fly the flag at half mast from the time of death until interment. Interment in Lincoln's case occurred on May 4, 1865.
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