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Killing Lincoln: The Real Story
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RE: Killing Lincoln: The Real Story
Re: "I do have one question for you, were you aware of Charles Dunham before I landed here, or is all this completely new to you?"

If you enter "Dunham" in the search engine, several threads will pop up - here's a start:

Re: "You are the long-time scholar on this issue, while I just a neophyte, so please instead of nit-picking your way into a flame war..." - Steven, I don't think anyone wants this or "engage in useless hostilities". We (as there are many teachers aboard) just don't want suspect theories to make history without solid evidence. We are not talking about a fictional novel, do we? Then I'd agree on a use for entertainment.

I still don't understand why you, calling yourself a neophyte, didn't seek advice about all this in advance?
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