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Killing Lincoln: The Real Story
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RE: Killing Lincoln: The Real Story
The ebook version has some links to important primary documents at the Library of Congress, and the most important texts are cited, but it's not a foot-noted and indexed history paper. Maybe I will do that if I continue working on this project. In the meantime feel free to read the text, and attack any and every detail. I will provide my source, and if I like your information better, I will adjust the book accordingly. But I think it's important to emphasize my running commentary here is off the top of my head and could be riddled with typos and mis-rememberings. So lets please not fuss over statements off the top of my head. The stories of Stanton and corpses are nothing new, which certainly doesn't make them true. However, perspective is everything in investigation. The glass can be half full or half empty. Those who look upon Stanton as a savior hero who loved honest Abe will certainly never penetrate the truth in my view. Congress was intensely corrupt in those days, and probably still is, although in more sophisticated ways now I hope. If the idea is to defend Stanton at all costs, and argue over minute interpretations, some of which approach magic bullet complexities, then this may not be a fruitful conversation for either of us.

I'd love to see a list of such authors and books described. I believe there's an intense amount of disinfo and misinformation being pumped out. One of the more complex hoodwinks in my view was the supposed Military Magazine owned by La Fayette Baker that had a cypher code in the margin stating he was in fear for his life.

I have no doubt Baker owned such a magazine, and that someone had written cypher in the same issue and may have even done so with ink from the period. But it all seems like such an obvious hoodwink to me, and completely absurd really. Baker told pretty much everything he knew, and he was fired because not because of his corruption, but because (like Angelton) he investigated everyone, including his bosses.

My goal is to find competent people to guide me and help craft my book into something that can help spread enlightenment, because an understanding of deep politics is essential to enlightenment these days. You don't have to buy anything. Almost all my evidence is posted on my blog, and I just put up a new one today called Dirty George's Confession that you might find worth tearing apart.

But I'd hope just from the limited discussion we've had, I would think my contribution to this subject would be better than a person high on cannabis or cocaine, although it's much more likely these days to be ritalin, adderall, oxycotin or one of the many ssri's popped like M&M's and probably contributing greatly to the massive rise in psychosis and school shootings.
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