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Killing Lincoln: The Real Story
11-13-2014, 09:18 AM
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Killing Lincoln: The Real Story
Thank you to Bob Cook for sending out an alert regarding this new book.

Why was Lincoln left defenseless when the War Department knew plots were afoot against him? Why was Booth shot when he was surrounded by 25 soldiers and could not escape? Why were two innocents swiftly hanged by a military tribunal, and not even allowed to testify in their own defense? After 150 years of mystery, you'll find the real answers in this explosive book. President Lincoln was killed by a cabal inside his own administration because he was making secret plans to forgive the South and allow them to re-take their seats in Congress. This plan did not sit well with the radical Republicans who had taken control after secession because it would have upset their plot to loot the South and seek revenge for the rebellion, a project they were able to realize, but only after Lincoln was out-of-the-way. Includes numerous photos and illustrations from the period.
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