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What are your top five Lincoln books?
07-28-2012, 06:17 AM
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RE: What are your top five Lincoln books?
Since I'm an assassination nut, and that constitutes most of my llibrary, my selection would be:

1) Oldroyd, The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln, good relevant information plus it contains the first ever JWB Escape Route Tour; 2) American Brutus, one of the best compilations of verifiable information on the assassination compiled all in one place; 3) Blood on the Moon; Good verifiable facts - plus it is an instant classic; no one does the Military Commission better than Ed! HA! 4) Ed Steer's Lincoln Assassination Encyclopedia; great information at your fingertips; and 5) The Evidence - 'Nuff Said!

"The Past is a foreign country...they do things differently there" - L. P. Hartley
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