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Lincoln, Davis and Booth: Family Secrets
05-23-2013, 10:49 PM
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RE: Lincoln, Davis and Booth: Family Secrets
In the paragraph you mention, I was talking about my aunts work not mine. I am referring to my aunt Roberta Davis. When I was about eleven my uncle died and Roberta moved away. Fifteen years later she wrote about her families oral history and that is the book I was referring to. No deception intended. I do wonder sometimes if her stories are true--I have faith in my aunt and I believe those stories are important. I wrote the book Lincoln, Davis, and Booth: family secrets so that her stories would not get lost. When doing my research, I found corroborating evidence for everything she said. I strongly believe that Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis were brothers.

Liz Rosenthal said
"Anyway, I agree with Eva. Plus, as Roger points out, all the strange stories about Thomas being castrated, or that he wasn't Abe's real father, or that Nancy had an affair or one-night-stand with someone else to produce the 16th president of the United States, were proved to be poppycock a long time ago."

Liz it wasn't a one night stand, the love affair lasted for years. Thomas Lincoln knew of it and he accepted Samuel's offer to buy him a cabin at Nolin Creek.
Yes, Liz, all the stories of Lincoln's illegitimate parentage were proven to be false a long time ago. However, not one of them considered Samuel Davis as the father. Samuel Davis wasn't brought out of the closet until 1969. Proving Enlow was not the father does not mean that Samuel Davis was not.

Eva Elisabeth I learned about Thomas Lincoln's castration from Roberta Davis and found corroboration from Herndon.

Joe Di Cola
We are far apart in out beliefs about Lincoln's childhood. When Abraham was about seven the Lincoln family was living in a lean-to (half-faced camp) at Pigeon Creek. They lived in this shelter for over a year while Thomas built a log cabin. There was a fire in front of the half-faced camp and an iron pot over the fire to cook with. Under the lean-to they had a pile of dry leaves with a bear skin thrown over leaves to make a bed. They had an ax, a needle and thread and little else. They didn't even have candles. Nancy was not reading bible stories to her children, they all were working hard to survive.

Joe, when you say "that he did hold some positions of trust and prominence in a few of the communities in which he lived." Your are not talking of the time when he was living with Nancy. You are talking about the time he was living with Sarah. Sarah did have a positive influence over Thomas that Nancy did not. The Thomas Lincoln that was living with Sarah was a different man than the drunk Nancy had to live with.
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