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The amazing uneducated/self-educated Abraham Lincoln!
03-14-2013, 09:44 AM
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RE: The amazing uneducated/self-educated Abraham Lincoln!
I live by a motto of "'To each his own,' said the old lady as she kissed the cow." I don't cause firestorms over what other people think; but likewise, I don't expect them to put me down for what I'm interested in. As I said before, that is why I love this forum. We don't all think alike, but we remain civil with each other as we discuss - or ignore - our differences.

I read every post (if at all possible), and in most cases, I'm able to pull something of interest and something new out of each. If I don't, or if it doesn't interest me, I move on to the next post. I think most of us feel that way. It is not my purpose on this forum to convince everyone that they have to enjoy discussing the assassination. However, it is my primary field of interest and expertise, so I feel welcome to express my opinions on it -- just as you are welcome to express your ideas on Lincoln the man.

As I said in my first post, I have learned quite a bit about Mr. Lincoln in general by participating in this forum - some things that I probably would not have known without this form of communication because I find most of the books long and tedious. Since I am willing to learn from Lincoln students, I would hope that they would attempt to learn from us assassination students. The two subjects are not at odds with each other.

Note to Gene: You get an A in comma control. You even got your apostrophes correct. I'm so proud - another example of a learning experience from participating in this forum...
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