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Trivial Trivia - taking trivia to new levels
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RE: Trivial Trivia - taking trivia to new levels
Rob, you and your wife have won a free night in the historic Lincoln Bedroom in the White House.

"It was the one room in the White House with a link to the past. It gave me great comfort. I love the Lincoln Room the most, even though it isn't really Lincoln's bedroom. But it has his things in it. When you see that great bed, it looks like a cathedral. To touch something I knew he had touched was a real link with him. The kind of peace I felt in that room was what you feel when going into a church. I used to feel his strength. I'd sort of be talking with him." - Jackie Kennedy

BUT some people and animals have had strange experiences in there and seem fearful of entering the room. Just a few examples:

1. Ronald Reagan's dog would bark outside the room but never enter.

2. "A high percentage of people who work here won't go in the Lincoln Bedroom," said President Bill Clinton's White House social secretary, Capricia Marshall.

But you will be sleeping in the same bed that Willie Lincoln died on in 1862. That should intensify your feeling of "history."

Sweet dreams, Rob, and congratulations.
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