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Inside Lincoln's White House In War Times
03-06-2021, 12:47 PM
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RE: Inside Lincoln's White House In War Times
(03-04-2021 08:59 AM)Gene C Wrote:  Personally, I don't think the lack of footnotes hurts Stoddard's credibility, he's mainly writing about his own observations instead of someone else's.

Not sure I agree with Hay or Nicolay and their assessment of Stoddard. Since Stoddard was the third secretary, he was "the odd man out"
Stoddard was the only one of the three who could get along with Mrs Lincoln. Nicolay and Hay "dumped" the responsibility of dealing with her on Stoddard. But they knew him and worked with and I didn't. He just seems to have a different personality than the other two.

À few months ago, during second lockdown here in France, I happened to browse Stoddard book. His POW is interesting and I really enjoyed his narrative present storytelling. It's like we are back in time, and he's taking us by his side for a tour of his Lincoln White House.
The fact that he was the "odd guy" comes also from the knowledge Stoddard not only had a better relationship with Mrs L, but that he was there only during daytime, while Hay and Nicolay lived in the house. Surely it changed relationship with the First family and colleagues. That said, Although both Nicolay and Hay were there 24/7, excepted for meals (heard BTW Lincoln wanted them sometimes as his table guests but Mrs L opposed), the one closer emotionally to his boss was Hay.
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