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In San Francisco, Virus is Contained but Schools Are Still Closed
11-15-2020, 12:32 PM
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RE: In San Francisco, Virus is Contained but Schools Are Still Closed
Doris Kearns Goodwin refers to Leo Tolstoy in her book, Team of Rivals, at page 747, as “the greatest writer of the age.” On page 748 of her book, she quotes Leo Tolstoy’s opinion on the subject of President Abraham Lincoln’s greatness:

Tolstoy went on to observe, “This little incident proves how largely the name of Lincoln is worshipped throughout the world and how legendary his personality has become. Now, why was Lincoln so great that he over-shadows all other national heroes? He really was not a great general like Napoleon or Washington; he was not such a skillful statesman as Gladstone or Frederick the Great; but his supremacy expresses itself altogether in his peculiar moral power and in the greatness of his character.

“Washington was a typical American. Napoleon was a typical French-man, but Lincoln was a humanitarian as broad as the world. He was bigger than his country—bigger than all the Presidents together.

“We are still too near to his greatness,” Tolstoy concluded, “but after a few centuries more our posterity will find him considerably bigger than we do. His genius is still too strong and too powerful for the common understanding; just as the sun is too hot when its light beams directly on us.”

(Goodwin’s Source: Leo Tolstoy, quoted in The World, New York, February 7, 1908.)

I agree whole-heartedly with these words written by Leo Tolstoy.

So, when the Board of Education in the city where I live, San Francisco, makes the decision to dishonor the character and reputation of President Abraham Lincoln by renaming the high school that had been named in his honor, I am personally deeply offended.

And, when I then learn that this decision has been made on the basis of President Lincoln’s alleged misconduct in the “Dakota 38” Native Indians issue, I am genuinely perplexed as to how this possibly could have happened. Based upon the important relevant evidence to the contrary that I have already presented on this thread, such a decision that has already been made by the Board would be impossible to make in terms of fairness and justice.

That is all that know about the situation here in San Francisco at this point. My next step is discovery, if possible, of the relevant evidence presented to the Board on this particular subject in reaching their highly questionable decision.

"So very difficult a matter is it to trace and find out the truth of anything by history." -- Plutarch
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