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BoothieBarn Retweet of Donation to ALPLM
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RE: BoothieBarn Retweet of Donation to ALPLM
Getting back to Laurie's original post -

In the book "Mary Todd Lincoln" by Jean Baker, Ms. Baker mentions some of the efforts Mary went to towards raising money to live off, before the government provided her a widow's pension.

"She also gave her attention to wealthy potential donors....(names mentioned)....
Off to possible benefactors - some personal friends, others rich strangers - went what Robert Lincoln despised as "Mother's begging letters."
Soon wealthy Republicans everywhere understood that with the stroke of a pen, they could prevent "my future spent without a home, forever a wanderer on the face of the earth".

"By way of encouragement Mary Lincoln bestowed a seemingly endless number of Lincoln's canes as a 'slight momento - a little relic of my Beloved Husband' ".

(page 260)

So when is this "Old Enough To Know Better" supposed to kick in?
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