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Anyone Familiar with this August 2018 Release?
01-16-2019, 02:48 PM
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RE: Anyone Familiar with this August 2018 Release?
(01-16-2019 08:27 AM)Wild Bill Wrote:  I have heard of it, Laurie, and bought it and read it.

Pace is in the anti-Lincoln school of thought. It is best summarized by A. Taft, future U.S. secretary of war (1876), U.S. attorney general (1876-1877), and nineteenth century progenitor of the family that produced a slew of noted Ohio Republican politicians. Taft wrote about the necessities of future history in a letter to his home-state U.S. solon, Senator pro-tem Benjamin Wade, on September 8, 1864:

“It is to be regretted that history should have to tell so many lies as it will tell, when it shall declare Lincoln’s intrigues and foolishness models of integrity and wisdom, his weakened and wavering indecision and delay far-sighted statesmanship, and his blundering usurpation of legislative power Jacksonian courage and Roman patriotism, but one cannot help it. History goes with the powers that be.”

This theme has been in at least 70 articles and numerous books as of 2005 when I spoke of it in 2005, during an Annual Conference, and wrote about it in 2009 in chapter one, “How Did Anakin Skywalker become Darth Vader: The Abraham Lincoln John Wilkes Booth Knew,” in my book, “Sic Semper Tyyrannis.” I discussed Edgar Lee Masters, M.E. Bradford, Lerone Bennett Jr., and Thomas J. Lorenzo, in detail. There have been others like Ira D. Cardiff, and Larry tag to name a few, who wrote in the same vein.

Pace takes Lincoln through his pre-Civil War day to the firing on Ft. Sumter. The others take Lincoln through the war years. I doubt that many who frequent this forum will like to read Pace, et al., and still fewer will admit to their interpretation of Lincoln the man and the president. But being a born Reb I liked it, and recommend it as a different view of our sixteenth president.

Thanks, Bill. Doubt I will read it because I just don't have time. Never read Bennett or DiLorenzo, but heard them speak and actually agreed with some of their comments. We also had Larry Tagg as a conference speaker a number of years ago. I expected to be run out of town for inviting him, but the audience really liked him (the ones who didn't kept their mouths shut). Again, I believe in hearing both sides of things as long as documented facts are given.
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