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Seward - Lincoln's Indispenable Man
01-01-2018, 03:12 PM
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RE: Seward - Lincoln's Indispenable Man
(01-01-2018 09:42 AM)Gene C Wrote:  Written by Walter Stahr. About 550 pages of text, lots of footnotes.

We have mentioned the book on another thread
Walter Stahr book on Seward - under News and Announcements

A very nice collection of information about Seward's life, but IMO, only an average job of weaving them together to tell an interesting story. A good job of telling us what Seward did, but lacking as to why Seward acted as he did. Not enough analysis of the info presented (and of info not presented) for me to have a better understanding of his character and personality. My expectations may have been to high.

I would have like to have known more about Seward's very good friend Albert Tracy and Seward' wife Frances. Something happened here that ruined their friendship. Also would have like to know more about life after the State Department (such as Seward's paralysis of his hands and arms, the relationship with Olive Risley, and his world travels)

A decent book, but it could have been better. A nice book to read, but not a must have. Amazon readers enjoyed it more than I did. Borrowing it from the library would have been enough for me. A nice used copy is reasonably priced. I'm not complaining as my hardcover new copy was only $2.99.

I hope Linda Anderson will comment on the Sewards. She has done a lot of research on them.
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