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Killing Lincoln: The Real Story
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RE: Killing Lincoln: The Real Story
My wordpress blog is easy to find, its title is Stevenhager420.

I don't know why Cumming has difficulty figuring Dunham's real employer, when correspondence discovered in his hotel room clearly indicates he was working for the War Department as a dirty tricks specialist, and no one disputes his role at the trial of bribing and bullying witnesses.

All this effort to whitewash the Radical Republicans as kind and gentle folk who never could have plotted against Lincoln sure seems like misplaced energy to me.

I fear Gene's recommendations cannot be trusted. He sends me off to Neff, a rabbit hole of immense construction and now he wants me to read a book praised by former NSA officials as the real story? Obviously, this forum is dominated by those who want to hold the line on the official story, which is sad in my opinion because the machinations and crimes committed to create that official story are obvious even to anyone who watches Robert Redford's The Conspirator.

It seems no one here has a single word regarding the spooks in Booth's conspiracy who weren't brought before the tribunal (and there were many), as well as nothing regarding the frequent mention of the "New York crowd" by Atzerodt when he was first interrogated.

Sorry to have disturbed you all, perhaps I will start my own Lincoln forum, one that does not attack honest researchers and send them down rabbit holes to nowhere.
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