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Annie Moore & Irish immigrants - Steve - 03-18-2023 02:19 PM

If anybody's interested in Irish-American or immigration history, this article may be of interest to you. It's about Annie Moore, the first immigrant processed through Ellis Island in 1892:

(Since the article doesn't clarify, I should point out that Annie Moore was the first to arrive at the original immigration station at Ellis Island, which burned down in 1897. After the fire, immigrants were processed at the Barge Office in Battery Park in Manhattan until the new facility on Ellis Island opened in Dec 1900.)

RE: Annie Moore & Irish immigrants - Gene C - 03-19-2023 08:20 AM

Reminds me of a song - Isle of Hope

RE: Annie Moore & Irish immigrants - Anita - 03-19-2023 06:41 PM

Steve, enjoyed the story of Annie Moore and the genealogist who set the record straight.

I wondered where immigrants were processed before Ellis Island found this. "Before Ellis Island: Entering America Through Castle Garden 1855-1890
June 12, 2020Jenny Ashcraft"
Since the founding of America, millions of people hoping for a brighter future left their home countries and immigrated to the United States. The number of immigrants increased dramatically after the Civil War with nearly 12 million arriving between 1870-1900. More than 70% of all immigrants entered through New York City. Castle Garden opened in 1855 as the primary immigration processing center and operated as such until Ellis Island’s opening in 1892 (though from 1890-1892, the center was moved to the U.S. Barge Office). We’ve scoured our newspaper archives to find the stories behind some of those immigrants’ arrivals.

(03-19-2023 08:20 AM)Gene C Wrote:  Reminds me of a song - Isle of Hope

Perfect match to Steve's post!!! Thanks Gene!