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My Policy Is To Have No Policy - L Verge - 06-30-2017 12:38 PM

Those of you who attended the 2017 Surratt Conference this past April will remember that Wild Bill Richter agreed to tackle the subject of what Lincoln's Reconstruction policy might have been had he lived to implement it. He gave a very detailed accounting of Lincoln's actions during the war that literally gave a "heads-up" to what would have been his post-war strategies.

At the end of his talk, I asked Bill if he would supply Surratt House with a copy of his text so that we could do an in-house printing of it in booklet form to sell in our gift shop. He did just that (after a few revisions), and I added a short preface to begin the work.

Because of our shortage of storage space in our gift shop, our initial run is 50 copies -- and we did have a small, printing glitch on the last page after we switched the format from Word to pdf in order to suit the million-dollar printer at our government offices. No text was harmed, however, and rather than consign that much paper to a recycling bin, the booklets are now on the shelf in our gift shop and selling for $8 plus $3 postage.

Credit card orders via phone are honored by calling 301-868-1121. Checks or money orders should be sent to Surratt House Museum, 9118 Brandywine Road, Clinton, MD 20735. Just ask for My Policy Is To Have No Policy.