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Lincoln's Generals' Wives - Sally - 08-31-2016 08:26 PM

I recently finished reading “Lincoln’s Generals’ Wives” by Candice Shy Hooper.

It’s basically four biographies in one. I knew quite a bit about Julia Grant, and a little about Jessie Frémont, (particularly her infamous encounter with Mr. Lincoln after her husband issued his misbegotten “emancipation proclamation” in Missouri.) But I knew nothing about Ellen Sherman or Nelly McClellan, so I learned a lot of interesting fun facts. For example, I had no idea that McClellan proposed three times before Nelly accepted him because she was actually in love with A.P. Hill. Unfortunately for Nelly, her parents didn’t approve of Hill, but they thought McClellan was a real stand-up guy. So Nelly was sort of coerced into marrying him instead.

All in all, the book is a good read. The author’s style is engaging and entertaining despite a few errors that were probably missed in the editing process (e.g., at one point she refers to Clara HARRISON rather than Harris). There’s also some repetition, but that’s to be expected since the lives of all four women (and, even more so, their husbands) were so intricately intertwined.

Still, I’d recommend it for anyone interested in this period of history.

RE: Lincoln's Generals' Wives - RJNorton - 09-01-2016 04:27 AM

Thank you for posting, Sally. I would be interested in this book simply to read what the author has to say about this.

RE: Lincoln's Generals' Wives - RJNorton - 09-21-2016 09:32 AM

From President Lincoln's Cottage:

Cottage Conversation: Lincoln's Generals' Wives

On the 154th anniversary of the Preliminary Emancipation Proclamation, join us as author Candice Hooper and C-SPAN'S Susan Swain discuss Hooper's new book, Lincoln's Generals' Wives: Four Women who Influenced the Civil War for Better and for Worse.

Hooper and Swain will explore the American Civil War by examining the influential lives of Jessie Frémont, Nelly McClellan, Ellen Sherman, and Julia Grant. Wives to John Frémont, George McClellan, William Sherman, and Ulysses Grant, respectively, these women served as confidantes to their husbands who influenced their ambitions and actions.

Ms. Hooper is a member of the Board of Directors of President Lincoln's Cottage. She is also a member of the Ulysses S. and Julia D. Grant Historical Home Advisory Board in Detroit, Michigan. Hooper is currently president of the Johann Fust Library Foundation in Boca Grande, Florida. She earned an M.A. in History, with a concentration in military history, from George Washington University.

Ms. Swain is a journalist, author, and since 2006 co-CEO of C-SPAN. For over 25 years, she has been an on-air interviewer and moderator for C-SPAN and holds a B.A. in Communications from the University of Scranton.


When: Thursday, September 22, 2016
Reception: 6:00 pm, Robert H. Smith Visitor Education Center
Lecture: 6:30 pm, President Lincoln's Cottage
Admission: $10 for the lecture and $10 for the reception.
Free for Cottage members at the $250 level or above.

To purchase tickets and RSVP, email Michelle Martz at or call (202) 688-3735.

Cottage Conversations offers relaxing evenings to socialize and learn something new about our 16th president from authors, collectors, and artists. The program begins with a cocktail reception, is followed by the lecture, and concludes with a book signing.