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RE: Who is THIS man?! - RJNorton - 10-23-2015 02:33 PM

This is hard, Betty! I still don't know. As far as I can tell even the full cast page does not have the answer!

RE: Who is THIS man?! - BettyO - 10-23-2015 03:27 PM

This gentleman's name was Michael Fox; NOT the "Michael J. Fox" - he played Davey Herold in The Story of Mary Surratt...

RE: Who is THIS man?! - L Verge - 10-23-2015 03:57 PM

Betty - did you see what I posted right before Roger's last post?

"I didn't think that The Story of Mary Surratt ever made it to television? It was a Broadway play by John Patrick (we have a copy of the script at Surratt House), and it only ran for 11 performances in 1947. I do stand corrected that it was Dorothy of the Gish girls, not Lillian.

"Desilu produced The Mary Surratt Case in 1956 as part of the Joseph Cotton Hour. Virginia Gregg played Mary in that one, but there were very few supporting actors - none of which I ever heard of. PLEASE, tell us who that weird looking man is/was!!! "

Neither The Story of... nor The Mary Surratt Case had more than 3-4 cast members according to what I could find while searching for your strange man.

What am I missing? BTW: John Patrick's play on Mary Surratt (mentioned in previous post) was performed here in her hometown in 1960 (or 1961) by a local thespian group known as the Surratt Stagedoor Company. I was in high school (not Surrattsville) and came to the play. In a showcase at Surrattsville's entrance, ladies from the group had put up a display of period photos about the assassination and the history of the town. One of the photos, however, was of my Huntt family home ca. 1872. It wasn't until I started working at Surratt House that I met the lady who had gotten it through the Library of Congress. I naturally inquired about it at LOC, but they never found the original photo.

RE: Who is THIS man?! - BettyO - 10-23-2015 07:42 PM

Sorry for all the confusion! I posted this at the "Hell Hole" the other day....this gentleman, Michael Fox played Davey Herold in the 1947 Broadway play, The Story of Mrs.Surratt. The Philco-Goodyear Television Playhouse: Season 1, Episode 20 produced The Story of Mary Surratt (13 Feb. 1949) - VERY early television - which starred Dorothy Gish -

It also aired on Kraft Television Theatre, Season 8, Episode 26, in March of 1955.
Likewise, The Joseph Cotten Show also produced the story with the title: "On Trial - Mary Surratt" Season 1, Episode 8; i.e. also known as The Trial of Mary Surratt (aired 23 Nov. 1956) -

Wish I could find copies of these programs -

RE: Who is THIS man?! - L Verge - 10-23-2015 08:17 PM

I did find that Roger was very close to guessing correctly. Michael Fox went on to play the coroner on the Perry Mason series. He also married his wife between a matinee and evening performance of The Story... by borrowing Dorothy Gish's car to go to a JP.

RE: Who is THIS man?! - Gene C - 08-19-2016 08:50 PM

Who is this?

His fondness for reflective pursuits soon resulted in an embarrassing incident.

"XXXXXXXXXX's favorite resort for meditation was
Lafayette Square. Here, every fair night, he could
be seen wandering under the pines, either alone,
meditating, or arm in arm with XXXXXXXXXXX,
talking over the affairs of the army.

One night, as he thus sauntered alone, the keeper
of the gates, as usual, locked the gates at ten
o'clock, but XXXXXXXX meditated and strolled on,
unconscious of time. When he came to one gate it
was locked. He hurried to the other. It was
locked also. Not a soul on the street. What was
to be done? To scream would be ridiculous. To
climb over the fence impossible. To sleep on a
bench what a position for XXXXXXXXXXXXXX!
Luckily a private of a Massachusetts regiment on
duty in came along, and was in the same
predicament. XXXXXXX let the private mount
on his back and scale the iron palings. He was
over, succeeded in waking the keeper, and
XXXXXXXXX was again free.

Who is XXXXXXX ?

RE: Who is THIS man?! - RJNorton - 08-20-2016 04:52 AM

Gene, it's hard for me to picture the answer as Edwin Stanton, but still I'll guess Stanton.

RE: Who is THIS man?! - Eva Elisabeth - 08-20-2016 07:25 AM


RE: Who is THIS man?! - Wild Bill - 08-20-2016 07:28 AM


RE: Who is THIS man?! - Gene C - 08-20-2016 08:06 AM

All excellent but incorrect guesses.

Clue #1. This individual grew up on a farm, the 3rd of 14 children. Finding at an early age that he despised farm work, he ran away from home and was raised primarily by his uncle. His father was a veteran of the War of 1812.

RE: Who is THIS man?! - Gene C - 08-20-2016 12:03 PM

Clue #2

XXXXXX was probably the first American to appreciate early California history certainly he was the very first collector of Californiana. While In Monterey he began to gather Spanish documents which eventually numbered several hundred, consisting of some 4000 pages; originals and transcripts of originals - official reports of missions, explorations, Indian uprisings, governmental and political matters, taken from the heart of the records at Monterey, and

married Elizabeth Hamilton, the granddaughter of Alexander Hamilton on April 10, 1855. From this union was born an only child

RE: Who is THIS man?! - Wild Bill - 08-20-2016 12:59 PM

George Bancroft

RE: Who is THIS man?! - Gene C - 08-20-2016 05:09 PM

Clue #3

He was a graduate of West Point.
When the Mexican War broke out, he set sail for California. While he did see combat while out West – at Mazatlán, in 1847 – he was mostly engaged in administrative functions during the war. He became secretary of state of newly-annexed California, helped draft the state’s constitution.

Was one of the most prominent law partnerships in the state, and he further added to his personal fortune through land speculation and a stint as president of the Atlantic & Pacific Railroad. He was 'the owner of the 30,000 acre Rancho Nicasio In Marin County

RE: Who is THIS man?! - L Verge - 08-20-2016 08:23 PM

My first thought was Fremont, but your last clue hinted that the man didn't see much military action. That would not describe Fremont. I then cheated and found your exact words under a bio of Maj. Gen. Henry W. Halleck, best known through his Civil War service.

RE: Who is THIS man?! - Gene C - 08-20-2016 09:24 PM

Congratulations Laurie. It is William Henry Halleck.

His nickname was "Old Brains". He started off the Civil War serving in the western theater, but was brought east due to his military reputation and knowledge.

He was considered a behind the scenes planner and a most timid doer.
He was a brilliant tactician and had strong administrative skills, but was weak in field command. He succeeded as an organizer, but failed utterly as a strategist. Ensuring that Northern armies were properly equipped, fed and reinforced, he did exceedingly well. Unfortunately, his time in Washington was defined by his inability to get along with or have his orders followed by nominally subordinate commanders.

Gideon Welles wrote that he “originates nothing, anticipates nothing… takes no responsibility, plans nothing, suggests nothing, is good for nothing.”

History has not been kind to him, partly because he soured his relationships with other leaders of the time and whose military promise, which he displayed so brilliantly on paper, never came to fruition in the field.

It probably doesn't help, but his photo on Wikipedia reminds me of Elmer Fudd in uniform.

The original comment about him in post #21 came from "Lincoln and Episodes of the Civil War" by William Doster (which looks like an interesting book - page 180)