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Dave Gaddy - SSlater - 06-24-2015 10:01 PM

I visited Dave today I made him smile. He was a very sick guy, but he is recovering. He sits in a wheel chair comfortably. He has a quick mind but he whispers. That's a problem, because there is a good deal of background noise..(TV playing, aides talking loud enough to be heard, more aides talking above them, etc.) The Center is bright and clean, quite large, and a big staff. (and close to me.) Normally, Dave lives in Tappahannock, VA - that's about 25 miles down river. I heard him comment on a telephone call that came in -that there was an increase in the "Get well" cards coming in. That sounds like it might be You guys. (Keep it up). He can talk on the phone, but as I mentioned, he has no volume. You would have trouble understanding him. At times he would close his eyes, while I was talking- like he was taking a nap, actually he was concentrating - I think. JOHN