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RE: Who Said This? - Gene C - 05-31-2023 05:18 PM

No Googling please.
What Lincoln admirer said this?

"Unlike the man who was asked to do something for posterity, and replied, "Why should I? What has posterity ever done for me?", I have a great concern for posterity. I have many grandchildren who are going to face a world different from the one we know today.

I hope that they, and all the generations to come, will learn from contemplating the life of Abraham Lincoln that the preservation of this Nation and of its Constitution and obedience to its laws are paramount political responsibilities, and that, like him, they will "hew to the line", trusting in the Help and Justice of God."

RE: Who Said This? - RJNorton - 05-31-2023 06:16 PM

I am 99.5% certain this is wrong, but when all those grandchildren were mentioned I thought of Sarah Bush Johnston Lincoln.

RE: Who Said This? - AussieMick - 05-31-2023 06:38 PM

When I read the question I thought of Ronald Reagan. I couldnt enter it because I was using my Tablet (long story).

Having see Roger's post above I'm even less sure than I was before.
But I'll stick with Ronald Reagan.

RE: Who Said This? - Gene C - 06-01-2023 06:54 AM

Good guesses, but not quite right.

Clue #1 - This person never personally knew Lincoln.

RE: Who Said This? - RJNorton - 06-01-2023 07:15 AM

President Theodore Roosevelt wore a ring containing a lock of Abraham Lincoln's hair when he was inaugurated in 1905. He was certainly a Lincoln admirer, so I will guess him.

RE: Who Said This? - Gene C - 06-01-2023 07:38 AM

Good guess, but this person is not as well known to history as Roosevelt is.

RE: Who Said This? - Juan Marrero - 06-01-2023 09:12 AM

Sounds like something that could have been said at the Lincoln Memorial dedication. I don't know if Chief Justice W. H. Taft had many grandchildren, but he is my guess.

RE: Who Said This? - AussieMick - 06-02-2023 05:34 AM

That 'posterity' rings a bell.
Warren Buffett ?

RE: Who Said This? - Wild Bill - 06-02-2023 06:05 AM


RE: Who Said This? - Gene C - 06-02-2023 07:50 AM

All good guesses.
Our mystery person was born in 1866, earned a law degree, but changed careers after about 10 years to the profession he is better known from.

RE: Who Said This? - RJNorton - 06-02-2023 09:00 AM

Gene, do you know if the person has ever been mentioned on this forum?

RE: Who Said This? - Gene C - 06-02-2023 03:43 PM

This person has been mentioned on the forum before, and is not known remembered for any political involvement.

RE: Who Said This? - Gene C - 06-03-2023 06:13 AM

The quote mentioned comes from the preface of a book written by our mystery person about Lincoln. I am currently reading it, and more about the book later. The book is not well known, but the author talks about Lincoln's life and character, and how he tried to imitate/emulate him in certain ways in his personal and professional life, and the result of his efforts.

It's the only book I know of that this person wrote.

RE: Who Said This? - RJNorton - 06-03-2023 02:58 PM

Jesse Weik?

RE: Who Said This? - Gene C - 06-03-2023 06:57 PM

Not Jessie
The book he wrote was copyright in 1947
He is better known through his career in the Arts