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RE: Who Said This? - RJNorton - 04-19-2022 04:33 PM

Good guess, Joe, but it was not Johnson.

RE: Who Said This? - RJNorton - 04-20-2022 07:06 AM

Hint #1: The year the person said this was 1865.

RE: Who Said This? - AussieMick - 04-20-2022 07:09 AM

Robert E. Lee ?

RE: Who Said This? - RJNorton - 04-20-2022 07:34 AM

That is also a good guess, Michael. But it wasn't Lee.

RE: Who Said This? - J. Beckert - 04-20-2022 07:54 AM

Roger’s got some traction with this one…..

RE: Who Said This? - David Lockmiller - 04-20-2022 11:13 AM


RE: Who Said This? - RJNorton - 04-20-2022 12:43 PM

David, good try, but Seward is incorrect.

RE: Who Said This? - J. Beckert - 04-20-2022 01:13 PM

Just throwing something against the wall to see if it sticks. Charles Sumner?

RE: Who Said This? - RJNorton - 04-20-2022 02:13 PM

Nope, not Sumner, Joe. Maybe this clue will help:

Hint #1.5: The correct answer is female.

RE: Who Said This? - Clarence - 04-20-2022 02:36 PM

(01-28-2022 05:57 AM)RJNorton Wrote:  No googling please.

What person, whose name has been mentioned several times on this forum, said this about President-elect Lincoln's inaugural train trip?

"The President-elect is making a zigzag progress to Washington, called out to make short speeches at every important point. These speeches thus far have been of the most ordinary kind, destitute of everything, not merely of felicity and grace, but of common pertinence. He is evidently a person of very inferior cast of character, wholly unequal to the crisis."

Horace Greeley

RE: Who Said This? - RJNorton - 04-20-2022 02:55 PM

Clarence, that is an old question that has been previously answered.

The current question is here:

RE: Who Said This? - RJNorton - 04-20-2022 04:10 PM

Hint #2: This question could also fit in another of the trivia categories.

RE: Who Said This? - Gene C - 04-20-2022 04:55 PM

Mary Surratt ?

RE: Who Said This? - RJNorton - 04-20-2022 06:04 PM

Excellent, Gene! Yes, it was Mary Surratt.

Mary was questioned on April 17, 1865, and this was a very small part of her statement:

Q. "What are your political sentiments?"

A. "I don't pretend to express my feelings at all; I have often said that I thought the South acted too hastily; that is about the amount of my feelings, and I say so again."

RE: Who Said This? - Amy L. - 02-01-2023 08:21 AM

No googling please.

Which politician is quoted as saying: “I do not endorse everything Old Abe has done. But he has done mighty well generally. He has a backbone. But it is not quite stiff enough for him. I want to deal rigidly with the rebels. I want to see them eternally damned. Not scripturally but politically damned. I have visited Old Abe and urged him to use more radical measures and he has said to me, ‘Never mind, *****, it will be all right yet. Hold still and see the salvation of the Lord!’”