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RE: "More than just Lincoln's tragedy...." - LincolnToddFan - 04-18-2015 08:55 AM

Hurray for our Eva!Tongue

RE: "More than just Lincoln's tragedy...." - DKEast - 04-18-2015 08:56 AM

(04-18-2015 08:38 AM)RJNorton Wrote:  
(04-18-2015 08:05 AM)DKEast Wrote:  Also in the fourth paragraph from the bottom, that the bodies of Clara & Henry were apparently removed from their graves?

Doug, please see the threads here and here. You will find the most amazing research by Eva. I think you will agree with me when you read what she discovered. This was truly a historic discovery! And Caleb Stephens included her research in his book entitled Worst Seat in the House.

Thus the words in that article, "No one knows what happened to their remains," no longer apply due to Eva's discovery.

Thanks RJ!! Most appreciate the links!

RE: "More than just Lincoln's tragedy...." - brtmchl - 04-18-2015 11:26 AM

Kudos Tom and Laurie. That was a great read. Thank you for posting Rojer.