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Abraham Lincoln Second Inaugural Address - PaigeBooth - 03-04-2015 07:31 PM

Today, March 4, 2015, marks the 150th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's second inaugural address.

I have been studying presidential inaugural addresses in great detail lately, therefore, I could not let the anniversary escape without comment.

A nice article commemorating the 150 year old address can be found here:

And, of course, you can read the address here:

RE: Abraham Lincoln Second Inaugural Address - Anita - 03-04-2015 08:52 PM

Paige, thanks for this thread. So many memorable 150th anniversary events and the second inaugural is up there at the top. It is indeed a masterpiece as Harold Holzer's article explains in the Wall Street Journal Feb. 27, 2015 4:13 p.m. "Multiple Threads to Bind up a Nation"

And this in today's NY Times Opinionator Blog: "And the End Came" By Ted Widmer March 3, 2015 9:00 pm

RE: Abraham Lincoln Second Inaugural Address - LincolnToddFan - 03-05-2015 10:40 PM

Many thanks, PB and Anita!

RE: Abraham Lincoln Second Inaugural Address - Amy L. - 01-18-2021 07:26 AM

Right before an Inauguration is to be given --

Here we are, so many years in the future - The battles, bloodshed, and generations lost to the Civil War were critical at the time - but what most-handily remains are leaders' recorded words.

Did Lincoln sense how dependent future generations would be on his words when faced with a crisis-of-identity? 

The Atlantic: What Lincoln's Second Inaugural Meant

Mr. Ignatieff pretends he can get into Lincoln's head.  Several assumptions made early in the article seem improbable. (Lincoln didn't write a short speech to disappoint; he was in the habit of being concise.)
The conclusion of the editorial is great, "We can reach back... to whatever deep wisdom we have ever been taught, and can find out, once again, who we are, where we are, what we must accept, and what we must do." ...