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Full Version: Carl Schurz, Lincoln Centennial Assn.
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I bought two old Lincoln volumes over the weekend while shopping in New Jersey's greatest mecca for antiques, Mullica Hill.

One was a slim book from 1891 written by Carl Schurz about Lincoln's life, which cost only $4! The other was a 1925 compilation of a few papers that historians had presented to what was then known as the Lincoln Centennial Associaton, which cost only $3! The main thrusts of the latter publication were Lincoln's home in Springfield and Lincoln's education.
I love finding treasures like those-lucky you!

Great finds! I lucked out years ago on the Carl Schurz book when a library that was cleaning house put it out on a table with a sign: "Help Yourself."

I love Mullica Hill!
Just a side note on Schurz. Ida Tarbell worked very closely with him on his memoirs which appeared in McClure's Magazine. One of the reasons Schurz agreed to write for McClure was the promise that Tarbell would work very closely with him.

Find any interesting items in the Schurz book?
Haven't read it yet. Right now I'm reading Crisis of the House Divided by Harry V. Jaffa, which may be the definitive work on the Lincoln-Douglas debates. Before this, I'd read Lincoln and the War Governors by William Hesseltine. Entertaining, but a little off-kilter, especially since his claims of unconstitutional dictatorial actions by Lincoln are largely rebutted by Neely. Before that, I was reading The Age of Lincoln by Vernon Burton. Or was it Burton Vernon?Confused
Thanks for the update. We look forward to hearing any tid-bits that you may find.
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