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Full Version: Congressman Lincoln and the return of the wooden leg of General Santa Anna
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(05-27-2013 11:39 AM)David Lockmiller Wrote: [ -> ]Question: If a bully walks into a neighborhood bar with the intention of provoking a fight, and even though a long-time patron of the local bar throws the first punch, which party really has started the fight?

Question: As applicable between nations, which party really started the war between United States and Mexico in May, 1846?

If a bully provokes someone, and that someone takes the bait, the law regards the bully as the innocent party. This I know from personal experience.

(So, I guess that means the U.S. stole Texas fair and square.)
I agree with Kate when it comes to the NFL. I am the world's biggest Bears' fan and watch a lot of NFL games. Often the refs seem to miss what the instigator did, and the guy who fights back ends up getting the unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.
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