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Full Version: Book Update
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Some of us have been awaiting the arrival of Montreal and the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln: John Wilkes Booth's Unexplained Visit to Montreal in October 1864, by Phil Sherman Taylor. I pre-ordered from Amazon on May 22, 2011.

Last year, I received notice that it would be released in November of 2012. Now I have received notice that it is scheduled for November of this year. It better be a darn good book after this long a wait.
I have been wondering what happened to that, Laurie!

Thanks for checking....and yes, for this long wait, it had better be good! HA!

I had wondered what happened to that book, Laurie!

And yes, for that long a wait, it had better be good!!

I have been looking forward to reading this book, but to tell you the truth I had forgotten all about it!

And I'm still waiting on the Booth book by Art Loux. Amazon says it will notify me when it is shipped. Wonder what happened?
Bill, l would like to read that one as well. Let me know!
I will. I ordered from Amazon quite a while ago.
The last time I talked to Art's daughter, she was still going over proofs. We have it on order and are expecting it sometime around November. We have found that publishers often jump the gun and get books advertised on Amazon months before they are prepared to get them printed and out for public sale.
Thanks Laurie for sharing this. We will "cool our jets" and wait.
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