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Over the past few years, Surratt House has been offering used books for sale. These have all come from the James O. Hall Research Center as we attempted to make shelf space for new, more assassination-related volumes.

We are now in the final stages of the sale, and a few volumes caught my eye as to possibly being of interest to members of this forum. Here are the books, condition report, and asking price. We will be generous enough to also absorb the cost of postage.

Mary Todd Lincoln by Honore W. Morrow (1928) - good - $6
Abe Lincoln Grows Up by Carl Sandburg (1928) - fair - $10
Lincoln The Man by Edgar Lee Masters (1931) - fair - $10
First Ladies by Kathleen Prindiville (1932) - very good - $5
The South to Posterity by Douglas Southall Freeman (1939) - good - $15
Ordeal of the Union (Vol. 2) by Allan Nevins (1947) - good - $15
The Tragic Era by Claude Bowers (1929) - fair - $12

Today is Friday, January 18. I will be leaving the office by 4 pm today, but please e-mail me at if interested. I will be back in the office on January 22 (after the chaos of the inauguration is over in this area!) and will accept phone calls at 301-868-1121. We accept checks made payable to Surratt House Museum or Visa/MasterCard via phone. First come, first served.
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