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Full Version: Behind the Seams
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I just read a short book I found on IT Archive called Behind the Seams .

Published in 1868 and written by Daniel Ottolengul, it is the most moronic and derogatory parody of Elizabeth Keckley's book. The author believes himself clever. In 21st century parlance, he sucks. Its awful. Belittling both to Keckley and Mrs. Lincoln, the author doesn't have the guts to dig at Lincoln himself.

34 pages, published by "New York: National News Company"

Maybe this is old news to y'all. I was shocked. Such poor taste.
Thanks for the heads up. Never heard of it.
After Mark' scathing review of this, I had to read it for myself. It helps to read Keckley's book for it to make much sense.
Even then...."It's awful".....
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