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Full Version: Lincoln on Leadership - book
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This book was mentioned by Roger Norton on another thread- "Lincoln's Leadership."

If you've read it, your comments please.
In the preface the author states, "Having been in the business world for many years now, mostly in large corporate settings, I am still confounded and amazed that, of the hundreds of managers and supervisors I've encountered, I can count on one hand the number of real leaders among them. Many of these men and women are corrupted by power; most tend to pressure or dictate when simple suggestions or recommendations would suffice. And almost always there is a lack of understanding of the simple points of human nature, such as a person's reaction at being ordered to do something rather than being asked his or her opinion."

I think the purpose of the book is to use the various aspects of Lincoln's leadership skills to improve the way businesses and organizations are run. The author details incidences of Lincoln's leadership and explains how today's corporations would be more efficient by adopting the leadership principles of Abraham Lincoln.

I know we have some retired folks on this forum, but we also have many who are in the workplace. If you work in a situation where management seems lacking in leadership skills, this book might be a wonderful Holiday gift this year! Don't give your name...just say it's from "everybody in the office."
Oh boy can I answer this one....

I work for a micromanaging tyrant. In 12 years I've seen 15 people leave -- all because of this one man. Nothing is done and employees have no voice. Nowadays It's not what you know but WHO you know.... When a receptionist with a high school degree makes more than an Engineering Tech with a Masters Degree, there is definitely something wrong with the system.... Leadership? Most of the folk I work with couldn't lead their way out of a wet paper bag....

What's missing are TRUE leaders who care about their staff. Today, unfortunately the word "Team" is just a by word.What is needed are leaders with a human touch. I've had several WONDERFUL supervisors in the past; true leaders ( one an Egyptian gentleman and a true born leader, whose father was a General in the Egyptian army), but for the most part, the majority of the supervisors I ve had in my current job (and Ive had 8 in the last 12 years!) have been absolutely horrid, with no leadership qualities whatsoever, much less "people skills!" What is needed to lead are basic human skills. To me, a good leader puts his people first and empowers them. He doesn't knock them down or attempt to keep them down. Empowerment is true freedom - freedom of choice to work and think on one's own. I think Lincoln knew this -

Where you live, a book titled Lincoln on Leadership may not maybe received well. There is a book, Robert E Lee On Leadership, that they may be more receptive to.
I ordered this book for $0.50, plus $2.99 shipping and handling on Amazon. It's used but in very good condition.
Looks more like a management style book, but should be interesting. At that price, you can't go wrong. Will let you know how it is when it makes its way to the top of the stack.
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