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Full Version: In What Year Did It Happen?
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No googling please.

Abraham Lincoln's sister, Sarah Lincoln Grigsby, died in what year?
I didn't Google it, but rather used William Barton's "The Women Lincoln Loved" to remind me that she died in 1828.

You nailed it, Rob.

Sarah became pregnant in 1827. In January, 1828, Sarah experienced severe labor problems. Her husband, Aaron Grigsby, ran to his parents house for help. Eventually Sarah was loaded onto a sled and taken to the Grigsby home. A doctor and several midwives were called, but it was too late. On Sunday, January 20, 1828, Sarah died in childbirth. Her child, a boy, was stillborn. She was only 20 years old.
Let's get a little stricter with this one...please no Googling, research, etc. Just see how close you can get on your own.

In what year did Lincoln receive a patent for his device that would lift vessels over shallow spots by means of inflating buoyant chambers?
1846 ?
I'm going to guess 1838?

I did have to Google to get what current event Gene was joking about, though. Maybe I don't watch enough news.
Nope, neither 1846 nor 1838 is correct.
1839 ? I thought Lincoln would be around 30 years old and if Steve thought 1838, I reckon 39 is a good bet.
Nope, it was later in Lincoln's life, Michael.

Rob, you are tied with Gene for being the closest to the correct year.
Must be (?) 1849 ?
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