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Full Version: Northern Duty, Southern Heart George Proctor Kane’s Civil War
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One of our forum members, H. Leon Greene, has come out with a new book entitled Northern Duty, Southern Heart George Proctor Kane’s Civil War. Although not a Lincoln book, Dr. Greene's chapter on the Baltimore Plot is fascinating. Kane was Chief of Police in Baltimore when Lincoln passed through on his way to Washington in February, 1861. Green's discussion of how much danger came from the plot is fascinating as well as Kane's view of the degree of danger Lincoln personally was in is highly captivating. An excellent read.

There is a thread on another of Dr. Greene's books here:
You've intrigued me with your comments about the Baltimore Plot. I'll put it on my list of books to check out.
Just finished reading this fascinating book. I had encountered Kane’s name and Secessionist ideals tangentially while researching John T. Ford, but remained curious about his life and character. Greene satisfied my curiosity with a painstakingly researched chronology that is even-handed, not a hagiography (in a succinct Epilogue that summarizes the many roles Kane played during this life, the author concludes, “George Proctor Kane deserves our respect. We can honor the life of a flawed man for the parts of his life that were laudable, as we decry the philosophies underlying many of his actions.”) This is a thorough, detailed, clear work, with a great deal of background and context about Baltimore and its denizens, political and otherwise. Recommended.
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