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Full Version: Lincoln's Old Friends Of Menared County
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written by Dale Thomas, copyright 2012.
The author's wife is a direct descendant of Bennett and Elizabeth Abell

New Salem and Petersburg are located in what is now Menard County.

The book focuses on the family of Bennett and Elizabeth Abell, William (Bill) Greene (storekeeper with Lincoln), Mary Owens (Lincoln's somewhat girlfriend and Eiizabeth Abell's sister), and Mentor Graham.

It was interesting to me how so many of the people in New Salem and the surrounding area were related in one way or another to each other.

The book has more details about some of the people Lincoln knew when he lived in New Salem. I was impressed by the amount of information on these people the author was able to find, since they are not well known figures in history and lived 190 years ago. Unless you are very interested in Lincolns time in New Salem, this book will likely have a limited's appeal for you.
Sounds fascinating, Gene, thank you for your review!
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