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Full Version: Herndon on Lincolln
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Been reading, Herndon on Lincoln, edited by Douglas Wilson and Rodney Davis. a collection of Herndon's letters mostly to his collaborator, Jesse Weik. First, I liked to say, like Herndon, we owe Wilson and Davis a great deal of gratitude for the research they have done for the Lincoln community. I also would like to commend Mr. Wilson for his solo works. I think that Herndon on Lincoln and their book before that, Herndon's Informants, are essential to any Lincoln library. Reading those two books is better, in some ways, than reading a dozen biographies.
Not only do I concur, but I would add that both men did the Lincoln community a great service, given that much of the Herndon papers in manuscript are very difficult to read. I can appreciate what they went through, given how poor Ida Tarbell's handwriting is. Makes you wonder how anyone communicated when it was a c r a p shoot as to whether you could read their handwriting or not.

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