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The book is 5 essays edited by Gabor Boritt
A llttle less than 200 pages of text, copyright 1994.

The 5 essays are

Lincoln and McClellan by Stephen Sears, the longest and most interesting chapter of the book. No real surprises here, Sears is a good writer.

Wilderness and the Cult of Manliness: Hooker, Lincoln, and Defeat, by Mark Neely
Can't say I agree with Neely's analysis of Lincoln and Hooker's relationship. Neely spends to much effort in this chapter on "The Cult of Manliness" and the terrain of the battlefields Hooker fights on.

Unfinished Work: Lincoln. Meade, and Gettysburg by Gabor Boritt.
No real surprises here either, Boritt discusses how Meade doesn't seem to share Lincoln's understanding of the missed opportunity to totally defeat Lee's army

Lincoln and Sherman by Michael Fellman
Lincoln and Sherman have almost no contact during the war. "The more actively the government pursued its recruitment of black troops, the more urgently and angrily Sherman resisted the policy" Fellman indicates the Lincoln overlooked Sherman's opinion on black soldiers because he needed Sherman's military approach in winning the war.

Grant, Lincoln, and Unconditional Surrender, by John Simon
This chapter points out some of the tensions in their working relationship.

One of the best parts of the book was the final section, "For Further Reading"
Each author briefly describes several good sources instead of just giving a list.
I'll be adding a few of these to my wish list. Too many books, and not enough time.

This book was a gift. Since it was short, it didn't take long to read. There was enough here that was new to me, and some opinions I'm not sure I share with the writer, but for me it was worth reading. Interesting to read how the different personalities, political views, military goals and tactics shaped their working relationships.
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