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Full Version: My Lincoln Llibrary is back!
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For several months now my Lincoln library has been scattered all over the house as I tried to muster the energy (or desire) to put together new bookcases I bought just about a year ago. Ever since I started buying books I always put them in those cheapo cases, which are the kind where your books are more valuable than the cases. I had one of the bookcases collapse, so I decided it was high time to invest in some decent bookcases. I am hesitant to reveal how much I spent, but I did get three solid bookcases that will definitely last much longer than I will. Cheryl and I are on vacation this week, so we finally got this one done. We have two more, which will go in the hallway outside of my office, and should get done either tomorrow or Saturday. Hopefully, then all my books will be back where they belong and I can find them again. Unfortunately, they are not in the order I had them, plus the software that I used to keep a record of what I have lost the backup I made when I had to reset my computer a few months ago, so I still have more work ahead of me, but for now I will relish having them back where they belong.


[Image: iqy1cS6c_t.jpg]
Very sturdy looking. As Cicero said, if you have a library and a garden, you have everything you need, or words to that effect.
Looking good, Rob!
The shelves look nice Rob.
Unfortunately I can't make out the titles on any of them, so how am I supposed to know which ones I might want to borrow?
Gene gave me an idea. With the approval of a majority of this group, Rob could make good use of that library as a lending library for all of us, even picking up the postage both ways as an act of generosity worthy of Lincoln himself.
Gene and Dave,

Given that Shakespeare was Lincoln's favorite, I will draw from Polonius where that is concerned.

"Neither a borrower nor a lender be." If it's good enough for Lincoln then it's good enough for me.

By the way, Gene, just click on the picture. It will bring it up large enough to read most of the spines.

Wow, that does look great!
While placing some books on the top shelf of his new bookshelf, Rob hada serious, but not life threatening injury at home.
He was standing on a chair, slipped and in the fall, he broke his arm.
The bookshelves are ok though.

Get well soon. I know it hurts so it wouldn't be nice of me to tease you about your injury until your better.
So please get better soon.

Seriously, get better soon.
Thanks Gene. I'll do my best.

Just one minor correction. I was working on one of my older bookcases. I was trying to shelve my Carl Sandburg books, so I blame him.

(10-12-2022 10:08 PM)Rob Wick Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks Gene. I'll do my best.

Just one minor correction. I was working on one of my older bookcases. I was trying to shelve my Carl Sandburg books, so I blame him.


That's what you should do, Rob. Put the blame where it belongs.

All the best,
Sorry to hear about this. Get well soon.
Rob - It looks like a great collection. The one thing that seems to be missing is Nicolay and Hay's 10-volume set of Abraham Lincoln - A History. It is an unabashedly pro-Lincoln history, but it is the recollections of the two individuals who perhaps knew him best. If you can find the set for an affordable price, and begin to parse your way through it, it is the most accurate account that we may ever have to understanding Lincoln.
After reading the above post, I was curious as to the cost of the 10 volumes,
So I looked on Amazon and saw the Kindle format, 4066 pages, for a grand total of $2.99. I never would have dreamed that all 10 volumes could be had for 3 dollars so thanks for mentioning the 10 volume set!

You can get them for free (and be able to print pages out )along with their version of Lincoln's works on the Internet Archive.

Thank you.
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