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Full Version: The Tragic Death of Fido
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Although Fido's death occurred in 1866 I am putting this post here because it is in Springfield where the Fido stories take place. There is a very interesting article on the death of Fido in the current newsletter of the Abraham Lincoln Association (For The People). The article mentions something I had not read before. I had always read that a drunken man (Charles Planck) stabbed Fido purposefully because the dog placed his paws on him. But the article mentions that Planck's stabbing may possibly have been more accidental than purposeful. Congrats to Brian Steenbergen on a very interesting piece.

Steenbergen's source for the possibility of an accidental death is an article in the February 20, 1893, Springfield Journal. Many thanks to anyone who could post this article.
Thank you to Steve Williams for finding and sending the article used by Brian Steenbergen!

[Image: fidostabbed.jpg]
Here is the article Roger mentioned in post #1 from "For the People" , A Newsletter of the Abraham Lincoln Association, Winter 2020.

The Tragic Story of Fido and Charles Planck by Brian Steenbergen (page 5)
Brian has joined us twice on our Springfield Tour
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