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Full Version: The Almanac Trial
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Below is a blog written by George Dekle author of Abraham Lincoln's Most Famous Case: The Almanac Trial
The blog, written over a five year period, provides some interesting information regarding this trial. As the book is a bit more than I usually spend on a book, reading his blog might give you an insight as to whether or not you want to purchase the book, since the least expensive copy is $31.16 for a kindle version.

What I've read of the blog is fairly interesting. I started reading his oldest entries first.

" I learned a lot of interesting details about the trial and its background, so many that I could not get everything to fit within the publisher’s word limit. I began this blog so that I could share these details with the public. When the book comes out in print, I will begin posting periodic stories about the aspects of the trial which I couldn’t fit into the book. Stay tuned for future posts."
Now it’s 33.25 for Kindle version.
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