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Full Version: Lincoln, Master of Men
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Very good book. Written by Alonzo Rothschild and published in 1908, with 425 pages of text and 100 pages of source notes and bibliography.

A study on how Lincoln used patience, wisdom and self control in dealing with the strong willed people around him. Separate chapters dealing with Stephen Douglas, William Seward, Salmon Chase, Edwin Stanton, John Fremont and George McClellan.
Some of these men were really gifted, but also had inflated egos and opinions of themselves. They caused Lincoln a significant amount of unnecessary grief. It was amazing how skillfully Lincoln dealt with them

I found this comment on Amazon interesting.
"A meaningful lesson in self control and many ways to achieve success. Wish I was able to do so - by Prison Guy.

My only complaint with the book is the print on my copy (published in 1908) is small.
Made it a bit hard to read and my eyes got tired easily, since I usually read at night.
It's available on Amazon (it's not cheep) and the type on the reprints does not seem to be as sharp as the original book.

Available on Amazon
The only negative complaint on the Amazon reviews is about the type.

It's also available in Internet Archives

I can recommend this book. It's an interesting look at Lincoln's character.
As always, Gene, thank you for posting your reviews on the forum!
Sounds like an earlier version of Team of Rivals.
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