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Full Version: William Butler
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I have been reading and enjoying Charles Strozier's book on the relationship between Speed and Lincoln and William Butler's name seems to pop up often. It seems like everybody in Springfield either ate and/or lodged there. Lincoln and Butler appeared to have been very close but I think they had a falling out, but I am not sure. Does anybody have information on Butler or know where I can look? Thanks.
Thanks for that link, Susan. For years I've wondered why James Matheny was chosen by Lincoln as his best man at the wedding. That article makes me wonder even more - it seems to me Lincoln would/should have chosen Butler.
Yes, thanks Susan. Excellent point Mr. Norton. It seems Butler had an inside track to the very personal nature of Lincoln, one of very few individuals.
Perhaps it had to do with marital status? Matheny was a bachelor at the time of the Lincoln wedding. I'm not certain about the other groomsman, Beverly Powell, but Herndon mentions him living with Lincoln and Speed, so I'm guessing he was still unmarried at the time of the Lincoln wedding.
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