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Full Version: Future Books to Watch For
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I had the pleasure of meeting with Dr. Diane Putney (of this forum, I believe) and Alan Hunter, researcher, author, and producer of Indiana's "Weekly View" yesterday as they both worked at the Surratt Hall Center. This is an alert to be on the watch for new books coming from these two, very-learned folks within the next year or so.

Diane has been working on a history of Ford's Theater with special emphasis on its afterlife following the assassination. Biographical information on the Ford family is also intertwined.

Alan is putting the finishing touches on his biography of Osborn Oldroyd, a man that many of us tend to overlook in Lincoln studies, but who was the first great collector of Lincolniana, a dweller in both the Lincolns' Springfield Home as well as the Petersen House, and the author of a book on the assassination which included his journey over the Booth escape route and his interviews with folks who were still around years after the assassination.

I believe that both of these future publications will be great additions to the never-ending shelves of Lincoln and Lincoln assassination materials.
Exactly Laurie there can never be too many books on Lincoln
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