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Full Version: Any reading goals for 2019?
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Lord Charnwood's Abraham Lincoln (it was on your earlier list, Rob, I think)

Kevin Keegan's The American Civil War

Chester Wilmot's The Struggle For Europe (actually, I'm half through it)

The Singapore Story: Memoirs of Lee Kuan Yew
I know Robert Lincoln really hated the Lord Charnwood book and did not get past the first Chapter. From a talk given by Jason Emerson at the LOC.
Mike, you are correct in that I did say that was one I wanted to read this year. I still might try, but there's a few more of that I really want to give a shot to. As for Robert Lincoln, he really didn't like anyting that wasn't Nicolay and Hay. However, he did tell Ida Tarbell that her book was as good as N&H.

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