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Full Version: Battlefields and Blessings
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Battlefields and Blessings - Stories of Faith and Courage from the Civil War

By Terry Tuley, copyright 2006, about 380 pages plus notes.

This is a book of 365 short daily devotionals based upon letterers and diaries from the Civil War. Some of them are very encouraging, examples of faith in God during difficult situations. The examples of Stonewall Jackson, Robert E Lee, and Abraham Lincoln are mentioned frequently, but most are letters and reminisces from soldiers and family. The source for each days story is given in the notes. A daily biblical scripture is given and these short stories are to illustrate the passage. The one major drawback to the book, the story given doesn't always fit very well with the message of the chosen scripture. I was a bit disappointed, but the book has merit and some very encouraging stories.

There are two printing dates with different covers, but it appears to be the same book.
Sounds good!
If it's the same book, why does it have different page counts and different titles? One version just has the title "Stories of Faith and Courage from the Civil War" while the other "Stories of Faith & Courage from Civil War Officers" with slightly different descriptions of their content. But then, they both have the same reviews?
My mistake, thanks for correcting me Steve.
When I viewed the sample pages for the both books, they appeared to be the same, and the reviews were the same.

In the past I have purchased the same book twice because they had different covers, and even different titles.
(but don't tell my wife)
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