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Full Version: The First Lady and the Rebel
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I am pleased to let the forum know that Susan Higginbotham's latest novel, The First Lady and the Rebel, about Mary Lincoln and her younger sister Emily Todd Helm, will be out in the fall of 2019! Kudos, Susan!

(Thanks for the alert, Gene)
Congratulations, Susan!
Susan has a wonderful website. I know I have posted this before, but I think I shall do so again. If you are ever having a bad day and need a good laugh, please go here:

"Marrying a man with issues. Should you worry?"
Thanks, Roger and Steve! You will see the influence of some of the members of this board when the book appears, I think!
Susan is one of the best researchers I have ever met and is so in tune with life in the 19th century. That's something that lots of folks have difficulty with - absorbing themselves in the era(s) that they are writing or reading about.
Thank you, Laurie! I know you have high standards, so I'm very flattered!
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