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Full Version: Lincoln's Ladder
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If you have not heard, coming out in November is a new book on Lincoln's early legal career.,5821.aspx
Looks interesting. Wonder how it compares to Brian Dirck's study?

Lincoln's Ladder to the Presidency - The Eighth Judicial Circuit by Guy Fraker
copyright 2012, with 258 pages of text, lots of footnotes and good bibliography

A good book covering the legal circuit Lincoln would travel twice a year east central Illinois.
The parts about life on the circuit and Lincoln's involvement with the people who lived there was interesting. I especially liked the last few chapters which covered his senate race in 1858 against Douglas, the 1860 presidential election, and people he knew from the 8th Circuit and their activities during the Civil War.

It helped to fill in a gap in my knowledge of Lincoln as a lawyer without getting into to many legal technicalities of some of the cases he was involved with.

A good used copy is reasonably priced. Many under $10 incl. S&H
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