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Full Version: Thomas Keneally's "Lincoln"
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Australian Keneally wrote Schindler's Ark (made into the film Schindlers List). This Lincoln book lacks good identification of sources of the really good tid-bits of information/gossip. For example, that a concern for Lincoln and one that influenced his fear of marrying was that he may have syphilis resulting from his days in the militia.

Then theres his not-so-romantic gift to Mary of 3 years electoral returns which she tied up in a pink ribbon (now tell me that she didnt love him!).

Maybe Keneally has 'borrowed' much from other authors. And his views seem to be opinionated without pointing to specific sources ... but if you can put up with that, I certainly found it a very honest book which didnt shy away from the less admirable parts of Lincoln and his political hard nose decisions.
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