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Full Version: New Lincoln Conspiracy Book
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This one is being sold by Amazon and B & N - Brand new. Not expensive and a novel....looks good - I'll be getting it....

ISBN-13: 9781978038189

$10.48 to $13.00

Paperback, 288 pp.

We carry select historical novels in the Surratt gift shop if they are full of good history. Let me know what you think.
Laurie -

Ed Steers and Nancy told me about this one..... looks good from the brief sample pages I read online. Both Ed and Nancy bought it -
I bought this book last week on Amazon and have only gotten a little ways into it, but am enjoying it thoroughly -- and I generally do not like historical novels based on the Lincoln assassination. I suspect that is going to be an exception to my rule, just like Susan's Hanging Mary has proven to be.

One thing I'm noticing is that, if it continues in its historically accurate style, this could be a very good tool for getting young folks (maybe 14 and up) interested in the subject. I'm not saying that it is a juvenile book by any means, just one that seems to tell the story in an interesting, flowing manner. The author seems to have done her homework.
Ed loved it. He made a posting on FaceBook.
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