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Full Version: Abraham Lincoln's Execution
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Anyone familiar with this book by John Chandler Griffin?
OMG!! If you want the particulars on THAT book, PM me, please GENE -- I have all the DIRT -- and I do mean DIRT !!

'Nough said!
Amen to that one, Betty. Let's just say that it won't make it onto any bonafide MUST Read List.
I have almost bought this book a few times. Is it bad history, bad writing or what?

Mainly bad history, IMO
All I can say is take a look at some of the photos in that book and then at the "credits"..... no footnotes, reads like a novel and, well...let's just say that - well - let's not say anything....! Angry
Wow..this book earns a frowny face from BettyO!

Laurie, if it didn't make it to your bonafide must read list, did it make it to your bonfire list?

OK ladies, don't hold back. Tell me what you realy think Confused
Gene -

I sent you a PM regarding what I think and closed! Angel
Thanks for the private message Betty. Sorry for my light hearted attitude on this.

This deserves the frowny face and more. Dodgy
(09-19-2012 06:06 PM)BettyO Wrote: [ -> ]OMG!! If you want the particulars on THAT book, PM me, please GENE -- I have all the DIRT -- and I do mean DIRT !!

'Nough said!

That bad? Must give that one a miss then.
Maddie - I'll PM you about this one ---
[Image: griffinbook.jpg]

I have this book and I just scanned the cover (above). I read it several years ago. Basically I felt it was a repeat of Otto Eisenschiml. Booth is portrayed as a pawn of Edwin Stanton and other government leaders who were upset by Lincoln's mild Reconstruction plans and wanted to institute a more punishing policy. The author, John C. Griffin, also places great emphasis on Ray Neff's findings (which came after Eisenschiml's books). At the end of the book he implies Booth probably got away and was not the man killed at Garrett's. My basic opinion was that Griffin's theories are not at all new and have already been covered in other books; so in my humble opinion it's not worth buying.

I agree with Laurie and Betty - very bad history. Save your money.
Thanks for being informative everyone. I don't own this book-and now have knowledge about it.
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