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Full Version: "Assassination Broadsides"?
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On the back of my 1990 reprinted copy of George S. Bryan's, The Great American Myth, there is a list of future releases by the publisher. One book listed here is Assassination Broadsides: An Annotated Guide by James Swanson.

[Image: Assassination%2520Broadsides.jpg]

Does this book exist? A Google search for it came up with nothing. I'm wondering if this planned book is what turned into Swanson and Weinberg's Lincoln's Assassins.
To my knowledge, this was never done. I suspect that you're right about it giving way to that beautiful Lincoln's Assassins book.
Neither the Schildt book, the Eisenschiml book, not the Swanson book listed made it into print. I think the costs involved for Americana House (a subsidiary of the Abraham Lincoln Book Shop) made them cost prohibitive.
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